Which Comes First – Methods or Data?

Today, I have been thinking about making an API. Then I come to a point when I am thinking about methods and data.

So, which comes first? Methods or Data?

As I am trying to examine this point, I think that it should be data first. In my reasoning, all activities are based on data. We must first consume data then we come up with a purpose to execute methods to achieve the purpose.

Secondly, it is almost complete to say that all methods are data. Method is a description of instructions. Instruction can be seen as data, a form of organized data.

The benefit of knowing data comes first gives us a good base to start any project, thought and idea. When we pay some close attention to data, we will reap much reward. One example is that thinking about our personal data often gives us ideas to organize ourselves better.

It is a huge abstraction to conclude everything as data and methods. It is a different story in this world. Life is messy and difficult. We can count on God to bless us with ways to simplify things and to turn curses into blessings.

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