Do Repeat Yourself

If you are familiar with programming, you probably have heard of the DRY principle. It is true that we should not repeat writing code on the same function. What interesting is that, repeating something can be beneficial.

As I reflect on my programming experience, I learn by typing the same code over and over again. As well as coding the same functionality again and again. What I mean is that, repeat working on the same requirement can often gives us new insight and familiarity with it. After gaining high level of skill and knowledge, you will master the solution and the solid foundation will give you new horizon in the view of how to produce good solution in programming.

Repeating a task may be a bit boring but there is new opportunity for you to master the skill while repeating it. The truth is that you may be the next person to automate the task for yourself.

May God bless you with wisdom, patience and a renewing passion that will finish the amazing work He has assigned to you.

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