A New and Fresh Offer

I often hear that we need to come up with an original idea for startup. Well, for me, I would like to kindly disagree. The uniqueness of business, service or product is based on the makers and servers. So no matter what idea, the offer is unique and new.

My hope is that people who are trying to start their own business will not mind doing a repeated idea. Of course, we want to innovate, but innovation does not mean that it has to be something new. Truth be told, there is nothing new under the sun.

The definition of innovation can be refined as to maximize¬†one’s creativity to serve. Everyone’s power in creativity is different. No matter how much or little you have, if you have given your all, it is what is required by God.

The good news is that we don’t need to compete in innovation. God’s grace is the source of our blessing and it is not our effort. True result is doing our part wholeheartedly and let God do His part for us. It is the beauty of the Gospel. It is all about love, grace and giving. God’s grace will top us up to where He wants us to be.

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